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Beyonce: Kegel Exercises & Special Creams She Needs To Help Heal After Reported C-Section

Beyonce: Kegel Exercises & Special Creams She Needs To Help Heal After Reported C-Section

Beyonce waited a month after having her twins to debut the little ones, who were reportedly delivered via C-Section. A doctor tells us what she should do to help heal following the surgical procedure.

It’s been revealed on Sir and Rumi Carter‘s birth certificates that they entered the world one minute apart, meaning Beyonce, 35, likely delivered the twins via cesarean section. What’s just as scary as having a 5 inch incision and children come out of you is the recovery! We know she’s a dance and exercise junkie who no doubt wants to get her post-baby body back, but the June 14 procedure means she has to keep things mellow in their weeks after birth. “Kegel exercises and walking are the best ways to ease your body back into action. Since you have just had major surgery you want to take it slow and don’t overdo it,” Dr. Sherry A. Ross, Women’s Health Expert and Author of she-logy tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Dr. Ross advises to, “Start taking short walks 15 to 20 minutes a day during the second or third week after you deliver. Kegel exercises can start immediately after delivery to help strengthen the pelvic floor even after a C-Section delivery.” Kegel exercises help control incontinence and strengthen the pelvic muscles and bladder, which new mothers who deliver via the procedure have to deal with.

Since the incision can lead to permanent scar across the belly, we know that’s something that bikini loving Beyonce would want to avoid at all costs. Dr. Ross tells us that, “The best way to avoid nasty scars after having a C-Section is to use a silicone tape 24/7 which helps in the healing process and prevent keloid scars. Creams, Vitamin E and Coconut oil will help the skin and incision stay soft but do not prevent keloid scars.”

Here’s a piece of advice that sounds hard for a workaholic like Beyonce to follow: take it easy! “Take it slow and don’t over exert yourself. I always tell my patients that they get a ‘pass’ for one year following the birth of their baby. Don’t pressure yourself to get your pre-pregnant body back and create other expectations that you may not achieve. Life usually gets back to normal as everyone adjusts with an open mind, patience and understanding,” she says. Bey already showed off that she’s not going to wait that long to get her hot bod back. She displayed her newly slim waistline in an Instagram pic on July14, where she flaunted her post-baby body for the first time and looked sensational!

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